Ep. 754 The Media’s Faulty ‘Fact-Checking’, and Donald Trump’s Path to Victory in 2024 Election

Megyn is joined by The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, host of The Divided States of Biden, to discuss the corporate media claiming they only care about “truth” while attacking Donald Trump supporters, Kristen Welker’s “fact-checking” about Trump’s New York City hush money trial, the the press’ total lack of introspection and self-awareness, how President Joe Biden’s border policy is enabling America’s deadly fentanyl epidemic, the dangers of drugs in this generation compared to the past, Trump going to an NYPD officer’s wake while Biden went to a celebrity interview and glitzy fundraiser instead, whether Trump should stay out of headlines to better his chance of winning in 2024, what Shapiro and Trump discussed at a recent fundraiser he hosted for the presumptive GOP nominee, Candace Owens’ Daily Wire exit, and more.

Then, Robert Cahaly, founder and chief pollster of The Trafalgar Group, joins to discuss what to make of the recent swing state polls, the need to look at the source and methods of polls, a new Trafalgar national poll of likely voters, whether Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a chance to make a real impact and help Trump, Trump’s potential major improvement with black voters, and more.

Finally, Joseph Massey, author of Decades: Selected Poems, joins to discuss the value of poetry to provide a “palate cleanser” in our toxic culture today, the toxicity of social media, the imagery in his writing, recovering from being canceled, and more.