Ep. 753 Young People Turning from Faith, and the New Religion of ‘Woke,’ with Bishop Robert Barron

On this Good Friday special, Megyn is joined by Bishop Robert Barron of World on Fire Catholic Ministries to discuss the decline of people going to church, young people disaffiliating from religion altogether, how to recruit disaffected Catholics, the commercialization of Easter and Christmas, how “woke” has become a new religion, the “Christ is King” debate happening on social media, the media nonsense about “Christian Nationalism” led by the absence of religion, debauchery in our culture today, how he helped actor Shia LaBeouf reclaim his faith and get confirmed in the Catholic faith, the value of silence in connecting with God, his love of Bob Dylan, stories of preaching in 2024, why he decided to become a priest, and more.

Plus, Megyn gets personal and opens up about going through the annulment process, why it’s leading to her having a “crisis of faith,” the role of marriage in Christianity and Catholicism, and her recent trip to an Episcopalian church.