Ep. 751 Predators Exposed at Nickelodeon, and Democrats Abandoning the Working Class

Megyn is joined by Alexa Nikolas, former child actress on Zoey 101 and creator of the Eat Predators movement, to discuss the new Quiet on Set docuseries, her experience working with Dan Schneider, the traumatic and exploitative Nickelodeon workplace, how inappropriate some of what she experienced is now in retrospect, Drake Bell sharing his story of sexual assault by Brian Peck, child stars not being properly protected from predators, actors who came out to support Peck after he pled guilty to child molestation, why predators and pedophiles seek out workplaces like Nickelodeon, the responsibility of organizations to protect kids, the current state of Nickelodeon leadership, the response to the documentary, and more.

[Editor’s Note: You can read statements from Nickelodeon and others to The Megyn Kelly Show regarding the allegations here.]

Then, Batya Ungar-Sargon, author of the new book Second Class, joins to discuss how Democrats have abandoned the working class, polarization as an elitist phenomenon, how most Americans are more tolerant and united than elites on the right and left believe, why minority voters care about illegal immigration and are turning toward former President Donald Trump, the working class identity in 2024, how Trump can unite various factions much more than President Joe Biden can, the corporate media’s hypocrisy on democracy and Trump, their disdain for Americans actually getting to choose their next president fairly, woke young activists on college campuses, and more.