Ep. 749 Meltdown at NBC Over Ronna McDaniel Hire, and Meghan Markle’s Cringe New Brand

Megyn is joined by Michael Knowles, host of The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles Show, to discuss Donald Trump winning his appeal and getting the bond massively reduced in the New York civil fraud case, the left’s hysterical reaction to this reduction, Trump’s ability to continually overcome the legal cases being thrown at him, Stormy Daniels speaking out now about her Trump encounter, the meltdown at NBC and MSNBC over former RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel being hired as a contributor, why these networks want to keep conservatives out, Morning Joe’s ridiculous segment on why they’re banning McDaniel from their show, and more.

Then, Dan Wootton, host of Dan Wootton Outspoken, joins to discuss the real backstory on why Kate Middleton went public with her cancer diagnosis, the history of public announcements in the Royal Family, those who were spreading conspiracy theories about the Princess of Wales, Meghan Markle launching a cringe new lifestyle brand called American Riviera Orchard, the continuous lies Markle has told and those who don’t want to work for her, Markle’s sister now speaking out, Margaret Thatcher being smeared by British museums, and more.