Ep. 748 Ashleigh Merchant Responds to Fani Willis Accusations, Reacts to Ruling, Previews What’s Next

Megyn is joined by Ashleigh Merchant, criminal defense attorney and partner at The Merchant Law Firm, for an exclusive interview to talk about comments made by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis smearing her as a racist and a liar, Willis still talking about the case even after the disqualification ruling, Merchant’s reaction to Judge Scott McAfee “splitting the baby,” why Willis was “lying” in her infamous “church speech,” special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s resignation from the case, why it doesn’t matter to the disqualification of Willis when the affair with Wade actually started, why Wade being bounced doesn’t “cure” the conflict, the judge making the “safe” choice and refusing to make the “tough” ruling, what it was really like to question witness Robin Yeartie over what she knew about the affair between Willis and Wade, the truth about witness Terrance Bradley and his actions on the stand, Merchant’s style in the courtroom, whether there will be investigations into Willis by the Georgia attorney general or others, the appeal process, the details of her client Michael Roman’s case, and more.

Then, Town Hall contributor Phil Holloway joins to talk about the detailed bar complaint against Willis, why Willis could still end up leaving the Trump case before trial, the media spin that it’s “sexist” and “racist” to pursue further investigations into Willis, and more.