Ep. 747 Judge Rules Fani Willis Can Stay But Nathan Wade Has to Go from Trump Georgia Case

Megyn brings a breaking news show to discuss the major ruling from Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee in the motion to disqualify District Attorney Fani Willis from the election interference case against Donald Trump in Georgia that allows Willis to stay but forces special prosecutor Nathan Wade to resign.

Joining the show are legal experts Alan Dershowitz, Andy McCarthy, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, and Phil Holloway to discuss how McAfee tried to “split the baby” and have it both ways, how McAfee downplayed the evidence against Willis and Wade, what might happen next to Willis, why Willis staying on the Georgia case is actually good for Trump, why it doesn’t make sense to kick out Wade but keep Willis over the same conflict, whether McAfee gave in to politics in his ruling, whether the ruling is the right one even if the reasoning is faulty, if Trump and the other defendants could get this overturned on appeal, McAfee calling out Willis in his ruling for her speech at an Atlanta church in January, his strong language about her “legally improper” comments, whether the judge signaled he wants an ethics investigation of Willis, and more.

Plus, Megyn announces an exclusive interview with defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant next week.