Ep. 745 Kate Middleton’s Health, Dan Wootton Speaks Out About Cancelation, and Pressures on Parents

Megyn is joined by Dan Wootton, host of Dan Wootton Outspoken, for an exclusive interview to discuss the crazy censorship regime in the U.K., the on-air moment that led to his forced exit from GB News, what was really behind the “witchhunt” against him, whether Prince Harry could be behind the “smear campaign” that led to his GB News firing, Prince Harry’s desperation to bring down Wootton and Piers Morgan, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continuing to play the victim and displaying hypocrisy, Harry and the left weaponizing the British police, Markle’s absurd comments at SXSW, why Wootton is apologizing to Johnny Depp over his past coverage of Amber Heard, what he’s learned over the last year about toxic relationships and journalism, what he knows about Kate Middleton’s health and how she is “very unwell,” what really happened with the edited photo, how the public is reacting and the conspiracy theories, the health issues within the Royal Family right now, the level of privacy the Royal Family is entitled to, and more.

Then, Tim Carney, author of Family Unfriendly, joins to discuss the parent “trap” in society that leads to more pressure and less freedom for kids, parents’ egos and how it affects their children, why kids need independence to grow, the value of boredom, the importance of faith in raising a family, why we need to increase the American birthrate, and more.