Ep. 743 George Stephanopoulos’ Hypocrisy, and Kate Middleton Fake Photo Controversy

Megyn begins the show by revealing the weekend’s leftist hypocrisy, featuring Jimmy Kimmel and Hollywood’s blackface past, Robert De Niro’s Trump hysteria, George Stephanopoulos’ past shaming of sexual assault victims while working for Bill Clinton, his outrageous questioning of Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) over her past rape and support of Donald Trump, and more.

Then, The Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan, author of The House of Love and Death, joins to talk about Hollywood’s obvious hypocrisy when it comes to who gets canceled and who gets celebrated, how the 2024 Oscars somehow mostly honored white people, celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi critiquing Megyn but going on Kimmel’s show, all the celebs who don’t seem to mind Kimmel’s past blackface, how Morning Joe continues smearing Mace while defending Stephanopoulos, how the left smeared Tara Reade when she accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, Biden apologizing for using the word “illegal” when talking about the immigrant who killed Laken Riley, Trump meeting with Riley’s parents, and more.

Finally, Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan joins to discuss the Stephanopoulos hypocrisy, the massive controversy around a new photo of Kate Middleton and her kids, evidence the photo is fake, worries about her health, major photo agencies “killing” the picture, the Royal Family’s response, the Zone of Interest director who attacked Israel in his Oscars acceptance speech, whether the Oscars really started late because of a pro-Palestinian protest, a ridiculous profile of Kate Winslet in The New York Times, and more.