Ep. 742 Biden’s Angry SOTU, Britt’s Cringe Response, and Princess Kate’s Disappearance

Megyn begins the show discussing President Joe Biden’s disgraceful State of the Union address, his lies and dishonesty, the moment he mispronounced Laken Riley’s name and made the situation about himself, and more.

Then, Sara Gonzales, host of Sara Gonzales Unfiltered, and Josh Hammer, host of America on Trial with Josh Hammer, join to discuss the corporate media spinning Biden’s divisive speech as a major victory, Joe Scarborough’s over-the-top reaction and love for those in power, the low bar for Biden to simply survive, his tendency to yell all the time, Sen. Katie Britt’s (R-AL) cringe Republican Party rebuttal, her overly emotional and theatrical delivery, another missed opportunity by the GOP, New York State Attorney General Letitia James getting heckled at an FDNY ceremony, the Fulton County judge overseeing District Attorney Fani Willis’ disqualification motion getting an election challenger, a viral clip of a young Donald Trump, and more.

Finally, Gareth Russell, author of The Palace, joins to discuss what really happened with Kate Middleton and her “abdominal surgery,” the public statements about her health and various conspiracy theories, the health issues within the Royal family right now, Middleton’s wacky uncle now on England’s Celebrity Big Brother, what Charles C.W. Cooke was like in college, and more.