Ep. 741 A Deep Dive into How Radical Trans Ideology Is Hurting Kids and Female Athletes

Megyn dives deep into the issue of radical trans ideology in our society. First, record-breaking female powerlifter Anne Hutchinson joins to talk about the biological man who has taken over her sport, the shocking rules in Canada when it comes to men in women’s sports, the money women are losing as a result of the ‘trans’ sports revolution, how she was suspended for calling a “biological male” a “biological male” in her sport, the ‘trans’ athlete then harassing and threatening her on social media, the value of free speech and freedom of thought, and more.

Then, detransitioner Isabelle Ayala and her lawyer Jordan Campbell join to talk about what led Isabelle to begin ‘transitioning’ at the age of 14, the lawsuit she has filed against those who pushed this on her, the major revelations in the “WPATH Files,” who the “medical professionals and activists” in WPATH really are, how they are saying one thing privately and another publicly, their continued push toward ‘affirmation’ despite evidence of major complications and consequences that they acknowledge privately, and more.

Finally, Robby Starbuck, filmmaker of The War on Children, joins to discuss the way radical trans ideology demands lying about reality, how “social emotional learning” has now been co-opted, race essentialism in our schools, how parents can fight back, and more.