Ep. 738 New Fani Willis Witnesses, and the Power of Matt Drudge, with Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, More

Megyn is joined by attorneys Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis to discuss the major 9-0 Supreme Court ruling in favor of former President Donald Trump, the secondary 5-4 ruling that helps him, why the lack of insurrection charges against Trump is crucial to the Supreme Court decision, the lack of ‘insurrection’ evidence on January 6, the media freakout after getting it so wrong, why Judge Tanya Chutkan could hold Trump’s federal January 6 trial in October 2024 or even after the November election, whether these criminal trials are election interference, what might happen if Trump is jailed after being elected but before Inauguration Day, the millions of dollars Trump will have to pay after his New York civil trials, new witnesses alleging they knew about Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s affair, Wade’s one-time friend and law partner Terrance Bradley seemingly talking to a lot of people about personal issues, and more.

Then, Chris Moody and Jamie Weinstein, host and producer of Finding Matt Drudge, join to discuss the mystery of where Matt Drudge is now, why Drudge turned on Trump in 2020 after being a supporter in 2016, whether it was political or personal, how the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton scandal made Drudge, the way that story changed the media forever, Lewinsky back in the news now, how Megyn met Drudge, and more.