Ep. 737 Unanimous Trump Victory at Supreme Court, and 60 Minutes ‘Moms for Liberty’ Hit Job

Megyn is joined by Stu Burguiere, host of BlazeTV’s Stu Does America, and Dave Marcus, columnist for The Daily Mail and Fox News, to discuss the breaking news that the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of former President Donald Trump staying on the 2024 state ballots, the corporate media and left melting down after this ruling, the dangerous implications if it was decided another way, the importance of the Supreme Court to keeping the guardrails on America, the Biden campaign teasing that ‘January 6’ will become their election strategy, a disaster for President Joe Biden in two new mainstream polls, the types of voters who are moving towards Trump and away of Biden, the key issue of immigration, the outrageous 60 Minutes interview with ‘Moms for Liberty’ over the indoctrination of kids in schools, Scott Pelley’s terrible journalism, what Moms for Liberty could have answered better, Trump weighing in on the Fani Willis affair, journalist Steve Baker arrested after his reporting on January 6, the implications this chilling effect has on the media industry, and more.