Ep. 727 Fani Willis’ Perilous Future, and Biden Nudged to Step Aside, with Charlie Kirk, More

Megyn is joined by lawyers Phil Holloway, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis to talk about the explosive testimony from Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce attorney Terrance Bradley in the Fani Willis hearing, the relevance of Bradley’s text messages to defense counsel Ashleigh Merchant, Willis’ team fighting back hard against Bradley, the media spin about Willis and cash, the relevance of Willis and Wade’s trips, what will happen next with them and in the case, the key issue of attorney-client privilege, the massive ruling in the New York City corporate fraud case against former President Donald Trump, whether it will be upheld on appeal, and more.

Then, Charlie Kirk, co-founder of Turning Point USA, joins to discuss Willis back in church accepting an award while she plays the victim, The New York Times’ Ezra Klein and others in corporate media freaking out about the Biden poll numbers, the left starting to nudge Biden off the stage 2024 stage, whether Vice President Kamala Harris could be the Democratic candidate instead, the Democrats’ need to “eliminate risk” while facing Trump, the insanity of the Trump verdict and bitterness in Trumpworld over it, the state of the RNC and Ronna McDaniel getting pushed out, new media reports targeting Kirk and his organization, Turning Point’s successful and new efforts vs. the old school tactics of the RNC, Lara Trump in the political spotlight, and more.