Ep. 717 Disastrous New Biden Poll, and How Australia Cracks Down on Illegal Immigration

Megyn is joined by Kmele Foster, co-host of The Fifth Column, and Inez Stepman, senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, to discuss the Senate finally unveiling the new “border” compromise bill, the instant criticisms of the legislation from all sides, why the issue of illegal immigration is so important to Americans, the devastating new NBC News poll for President Joe Biden that has former President Donald Trump up five points, whether the Trump trials hurt the left’s ‘democracy’ arguments, Trump up huge among independents and on issues related to immigration and the economy, Nikki Haley’s appearance on Saturday Night Live trashing Trump, what the point of the appearance might be, Shane Gillis set to host SNL after they fired him for past jokes, the Connecticut public school that installed a tampon dispenser in a boys’ bathroom, the “boy revolt” that resulted in it being thrown in a toilet, and more.

Then, Paul Murray, host of Sky News Australia’s Paul Murray Live, joins to discuss how Australia cracks down on illegal immigration and solves the problem, what America can learn from Australia’s effort to de-incentivize illegal immigration, why most Australians support these strict rules, America’s ‘sanctuary cities’ and how Australia would never allow that, the deportation of Novak Djokovic ahead of the Australian Open in 2021, the breaking news about King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, whether that could mean Prince William become king soon, Prince Harry now flying to the U.K., and more.