Ep. 715 Tech CEOs on Hot Seat, and ‘Sociopath’ Gavin Newsom, with Newt Gingrich and Adam Carolla

Megyn is joined by Newt Gingrich, author of March to the Majority, to discuss the fiery Big Tech hearing on Capitol Hill, Mark Zuckerberg’s apology to families of victims of social media abuse, whether we need to regulate platforms more, parents’ responsibility when it comes to their kids and social media, the immigration crisis and potential for a border deal, President Joe Biden’s changing rhetoric on the border including when he welcomed immigrants to come to America while running for president, The New York Times spinning the border crisis on behalf of Biden, Biden leading former President Donald Trump in a new national poll, Trump ahead of Biden in key battleground state polls, the potential impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, and more.

Then, Adam Carolla, host of The Adam Carolla Show, joins to discuss “sociopath” California Gov. Gavin Newsom exaggerating his support for Biden, Biden’s history of lies, Newsom defending his record when confronted with the rise in crime in California, a new “diaper spa” for adults with diaper fetishes, the infantilization of adult men, the degradation of our society, Megyn’s daughter’s recent trip to the Broadway musical & Juliet, the unmentioned trans agenda in the show, narcissism in our culture today, and more.