Ep. 714 Exclusive with Montana Parents Who Got Daughter Taken Away, Plus New Fani Willis Drama

Megyn begins the show with an exclusive interview with Montana parents Todd and Krista Kolstad to discuss losing custody of their 14-year-old daughter over what they believe was their refusal to affirm her new ‘gender identity’ as a boy, how Child Protective Services and the police got involved in an originally small dispute, their daughter’s claims of being “suicidal” to friends, the moment a hospital and state officials worked to take their daughter out of their care, their fears about her being offered puberty blockers, their shock in hearing she was being taken for treatment in Wyoming where she could potentially be ‘transitioned,’ her being moved to a group home and being called “Leo” against the parents’ will, and more.

Then, Sara Gonzales, host of BlazeTV’s Sara Gonzalez Unfiltered, and Josh Hammer, host of America On Trial, join to discuss why Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ alleged affair drama could lead to a major delay in her prosecution of former President Donald Trump, the latest update about her ‘paramour’ Nathan Wade’s divorce, why those who pretend to be virtuous while fighting Trump often have their own secret baggage, the need for parents to speak out about gender insanity in our culture today, Mark Cuban’s comments about DEI and his own hiring practices, why his race-based practices may actually be illegal, the Dallas Mavericks CEO echoing these sentiments in 2020, and more.

Plus, David Menzies of Rebel News offers an update on the latest ‘trans’ athlete insanity in Canada.