Ep. 713 Carroll’s Media Lovefest, Border Crisis, and Taylor Swift Conspiracies, with Glenn Beck, Britt Mayer

Megyn is joined by BlazeTV’s Glenn Beck to discuss Rachel Maddow and E. Jean Carroll inappropriately joking about “spending Trump’s money” to go shopping for a “new wardrobe,” Maddow’s repeated softball questions for Carroll, Carroll’s bizarre past commentary and her questionable accusations against Trump, The View’s anti-Trump celebration following the Carroll ruling, the double standard by the left towards sexual assault victims, the truth about why Carroll sued Trump originally, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) being investigated by the Department of Justice over allegedly misusing security funds to pay for her own personal security, her history as a Black Lives Matter activist and past controversies, new details about the deadly drone strike in Jordan, the Biden administration’s “lies” about the true scope of the border crisis, BlazeTV’s alarming documentary The Real Story of Colony Ridge, the millions of illegal migrants coming across our border, and more.

Then, Britt Mayer, founder of Rooted Wings, joins to discuss the strange Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce conspiracy theories gaining steam online, whether the couple is going to make a political statement after the Super Bowl, their left-leaning politics, the non-stop coverage of Swift in the media, Swift’s past political comments and whether she’ll endorse President Joe Biden this time, an update on Lia Thomas, a new “woman” surfer, the inspiring and patriotic woman who won Miss America, Mrs. America competing just weeks after giving birth, and more.