Ep. 710 Kari Lake on Bribe Attempt, Plus Texas vs. Biden Admin with Andrew Klavan and Alan Dershowitz

Megyn is joined by Kari Lake, Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona, to discuss the leaked audio conversation about an attempted bribe to get her to leave political life, who the “people back East” that are behind the bribe might be, new details about the circumstances, Arizona GOP chair Jeff DeWit’s “unethical” behavior, his resignation statement, whether her support of former President Donald Trump and ‘America First’ could have something to do with the offer, why she decided to secretly record the conversation, whether she’d be Trump’s vice president, and more. 

Then, Andrew Klavan, author of The House of Love and Death, joins to discuss the crisis at the southern border, if Texas’ right to protect itself against ‘invasion’ overrides the recent Supreme Court ruling, where there’s going to be a constitutional crisis and potential showdown between Texas and the Biden administration at the border, major layoffs at the Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated potentially shutting down, media outlets losing audience and money after going woke, the left’s outrage over Barbie not getting more Oscar nominations, the death of Hollywood award shows, and more.

Finally, Alan Dershowitz, author of War Against the Jews, joins to discuss the federalist battle between Texas and the Biden administration, states’ right to protect their borders, exactly what the Supreme Court ruled, and more.