Ep. 708 Final 2024 GOP Primary? Plus, Fani Willis Affair Drama, with Rich Lowry and Charles C.W. Cooke

Megyn is joined by National Review’s Rich Lowry and Charles C.W. Cooke to discuss Nikki Haley’s chances in the New Hampshire primary, her promise to “not drop out” of the race no matter what the results are, whether she might drop out by the end of the week and endorse former President Donald Trump, what went wrong in the Ron DeSantis campaign, his personality versus his performance in Florida, the skills it takes to be president, new reporting about the possibility Michelle Obama runs for president, what would have to happen to President Joe Biden for her to step in, the challenge for Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris as his next-in-line, the issue of illegal immigration and the border crisis, the Supreme Court ruling in which some of the conservative justices supported the Biden administration over the state of Texas, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ affair drama and how some are now calling for her to be removed from the Trump case, Willis’ involvement in her alleged ‘paramour’s’ divorce case, how ‘political hacks’ are taking over court proceedings involving Trump, and more.