Ep. 706 Crime Friday: New Murdaugh Trial, Adult Dwarf or Child Case, and Gypsy Rose’s Husband

It’s true crime Friday on The Megyn Kelly Show, with defense attorneys Mark Geragos and Jonna Spilbor. They discuss whether Alex Murdaugh could actually get a new trial due to jury tampering, if the tampering affected the verdict, the allegations against court clerk Becky Hill, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s former boyfriend who committed the murder of her mom wanting a new trial now, his lawyer’s arguments about diminished capacity, whether Blanchard’s release and media tour will help his chances, the bizarre story of Natalia Grace whose adoptive parents said was actually an adult dwarf instead of a child, claims of child neglect, the new revelations that she actually may have been a child after all, whether her adoptive parents could be held criminally or civilly liable, the strange story of Nicholas Rossi (a.k.a. Nicholas Alahverdian) who faked his death, fled to the U.K., and is now back in the U.S. awaiting trial, his insistence that he’s a different person, the allegations of sexual assault against him, Marine veteran Daniel Penny’s case in New York City and the decline of the city, and more.