Ep. 705 Truth About Kamala Harris’ Rise, and Gender Realities, with Charlie Spiering and Billboard Chris

Megyn is joined by Charlie Spiering, author of Amateur Hour, to discuss Kamala Harris’ rise to vice president, being raised by ‘Marxist’ academics, her early relationship with former San Fransisco Mayor Willie Brown, the evolution of her political beliefs, President Joe Biden choosing her as his running mate, why First Lady Jill Biden still holds a grudge against Harris, the truth about her current relationship with Biden, her bizarre speaking style and inability to communicate like a leader, why her favorite “unburdened” catchphrase isn’t catching on, why she may be lying about a childhood story she regularly tells, how it relates to Martin Luther King, Jr., her inability to maintain staff, and more.

Then, father and activist Billboard Chris joins to discuss the real meaning of ‘gender’ and how it differs from ‘sex,’ why he says it’s important to say there are “no genders” and “two sexes,” how the left preys on our instinct to be tolerant, the long-term ramifications of ‘gender-affirming care’ on minors, the potential connection between autism and kids who transition, how some effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are not reversible, why he decided to devote his life to raising awareness about radical gender ideology, the reaction he’s gotten to speaking out on the issue, and more.