Ep. 702 Trump vs. Vivek and DeSantis vs. Haley on Iowa Caucus Day, with Dave Rubin and Rep. Byron Donalds

It’s Iowa caucus day as the 2024 presidential election season officially kicks off!

Megyn is joined by Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, to discuss Vivek Ramaswamy’s final message to voters in Iowa including a shot at former President Donald Trump, Trump firing back over the weekend, where Ramaswamy falls in the MAGA movement, politicians playing a “game” to persuade voters, Gov. Ron DeSantis as a retail politician, whether Nikki Haley could surge in Iowa, whether this is DeSantis’ last chance to run for president, the difference between DeSantis and Trump stylistically, Haley dodging the question of whether a man can become a woman when asked at a campaign event, how Trump and DeSantis answered the same issue, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis claiming affair allegations with Trump special prosecutor are based on racism, one fired tech employee posting a video of her termination, and more.

Then, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) joins to talk about the excitement on the ground in Iowa, Ramaswamy trying to “ride the coattails” of the MAGA movement, President Joe Biden seeing the worst poll numbers ever, a bizarre video of Biden stumbling, how the media will try to spin a Trump victory in Iowa, and more.