Ep. 701 Michelle Obama’s Bitterness and New Matthew Perry Allegations, with Jason Whitlock, More

Megyn is joined by Jason Whitlock, host of BlazeTV’s Fearless, to discuss ESPN host Steven A Smith’s “tantrum” about Whitlock’s book review, the feuds within the sports media world, Smith’s claim about white supremacy and using race to defend himself, Michelle Obama claiming America is “not fair” to her and other black people, her comment that former President Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to run for president again if he were black, the response to Melania Trump vs. Michelle Obama as first lady, Obama’s “bitterness” despite her privilege, our culture trying to take away men’s swagger, the brewing Jimmy Kimmel vs. Aaron Rodgers feud over the Jeffrey Epstein list, Kimmel playing the victim and misstating what Rodgers actually said, and more.

Then, The Federalist contributor Evita Duffy-Alonso and Will Witt, author of Do Not Comply, join to discuss sad new details about Mathew Perry’s alleged ongoing drug use and abuse, celebrities who do acts of service for attention, Gypsy Rose Blanchard making the rounds in the media after leaving jail, the oddity that she’s become a celebrity after having her mother killed, the cultural obsession with true crime and murder mysteries, a Golden Globes sketch making fun of “white people’s roles,” celebrating “FatCon,” and more.

Finally, FITS News editor Will Folks joins to talk court clerk Becky Hill’s alleged potential jury tampering in the Alex Murdaugh trial, other allegations that may lead to Murdaugh getting a new trial, Hill admitting she plagiarized in her memoir about the case, the law enforcement investigation about Hill and her son who was arrested for wiretapping, and more.