Ep. 698 Biden Stokes Racial Division and Michelle Obama Is ‘Terrified’ of Trump Win, with Victor Davis Hanson

Megyn is joined by Victor Davis Hanson, author of the forthcoming book The End of Everything, to discuss the claims that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may have had a secret romantic relationship with her special prosecutor, how that could affect her prosecution of former President Donald Trump in Georgia, why this might lead to criminal charges against Willis, Trump’s legal team arguing for presidential immunity, how new polls show Americans of all backgrounds are united against the Biden administration’s border policies, the opportunity for a Republican landslide in 2024 if they can explain the issue clearly, President Joe Biden stoking the racial fire in his new campaign messaging, how Trump is polling better than ever with Black voters, Biden’s history of racist comments, the ridiculous pandering Biden is trying, Nikki Haley getting closer to Trump in New Hampshire, former First Lady Michelle Obama curiously speaking out and getting political, her comments about being “terrified” of the potential 2024 election results, her claim that government does it all, whether she might run for office, and more. Then, Megyn takes listener calls about the 2024 election.