Ep. 696 ‘Dark Brandon’ Scare Tactics and AI Facial Recognition, with Jesse Kelly and Kashmir Hill

Megyn is joined by Jesse Kelly, host of TheFirst TV’s I’m Right, to discuss the Biden administration switching gears to focus on former President Donald Trump and January 6 ahead of the 2024 election, the truth about the left’s ‘Dark Brandon’ strategy to scare voters away from Trump, Nikki Haley falling into the Democrats’ trap with recent comments about the Civil War, her latest attempt at clean up by invoking her “black friends,” how a NBC News reporter tried to smear Vivek Ramaswamy, the way Ramaswamy clapped back, the attempts by the media to smear Republicans as supportive of white supremacy, New Hampshire passing a bill to ban ‘gender-affirming medical care’ for minors, one young Democrat speaking out in support of the ban, outrageous racism from the left in the wake of Claudine Gay’s Harvard exit, and more.

Then, Kashmir Hill, author of Your Face Belongs To Us, joins to discuss the ways we’re losing our privacy thanks to technology, an AI company tracking our “faceprint” without us knowing, the scary ease of finding someone’s address or name via AI and facial recognition, how to fight back against this technology, and more.