Ep. 695 Epstein Docs Released, Idaho House, and Trump’s ‘Immunity’ Claim, with Nancy Grace and More

Megyn begins the show by revealing exactly what’s in the new documents release related to Jeffrey Epstein, the hundreds of unredacted names of celebrities in the documents, what it says about Bill Clinton, David Copperfield, and more.

Then, Nancy Grace, host of Crime Stories, joins to talk about her long history of putting away “bad guys” as a prosecutor, the tragic story of her fiance’s murder, Grace’s strategies in the courtroom, how she knew the Casey Anthony case was going to become major national news, the way the case affected cable news ratings, how she handled her work while having young kids, the important events in the Idaho murders case, the University of Idaho tearing down the home where the crime occurred, how this might affect the trial, Kohberger’s history of creepy behavior toward women, and more.

Finally, attorneys Mike Davis and Dave Aronberg join to discuss Maine and Colorado attempting to remove former President Donald Trump’s name from the primary ballot, their predictions for the potential Supreme Court case, what the 14th Amendment really says,  the important Trump trial in Washington D.C. related to January 6, the key question of presidential “immunity” that may get decided by the Supreme Court, whether Trump was acting in a presidential capacity or as a candidate on January 6, the potential for January 6 convictions to get overturned, and more.