Ep. 693 Record-Breaking Illegal Immigration Numbers and What Joe Biden Knew About Hunter

Megyn is joined by Ben Shapiro, host of The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro Show, to talk about the current state of the illegal immigration border crisis, December 2023 being the worst month of border encounters ever, illegal immigration rates under former President Donald Trump versus President Joe Biden, the American public’s opposition to Biden’s immigration policies, Dave Chappelle’s new special taking aim at radical trans ideology, video of actor Tommy Dorfman claiming misgendering by a Delta airlines worker, the Delta worker’s pushback garnering support, the obsession with sexual identity, the intra-conservative fighting happening inside the GOP right now when it comes to foreign policy, Tucker Carlson’s recent negative comments about Shapiro, the state of the 2024 Republican primary, Trump’s dominance and whether Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis still have a shot, and more.

Then, IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler join to discuss how they’ve been vindicated after Hunter Biden was charged in California on new tax charges, the story behind Hunter’s plea deal falling apart, all the ways the IRS whistleblowers have been proven right, the attacks on the whistleblowers from top Democrats and Hunter’s lawyers, Special Counsel David Weiss now bringing the charges Democrats claimed were invalid, potential evidence President Biden was involved in Hunter’s crimes, Hunter now suing the IRS and the whistleblowers, and more.