Ep. 686 CNN’s Vivek Meltdown, Status of the Bud Light Boycott, and Trump’s Polling, with ‘Ruthless’

Megyn is joined by the hosts of Ruthless – Josh Holmes, Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook – to talk about how each of the four criminal trials former President Donald Trump faces could effect his chances against President Joe Biden in 2024, how Trump is now ahead of Biden in every key swing state, CNN’s town hall with Vivek Ramaswamy, the network’s inability to even let him make his points about January 6, the meltdown from CNN’s media reporter over “platforming” Ramaswamy, Harvard President Claudine Gay getting support from corporate media after plagiarism accusations, the double standard and hypocrisy of the press, the claims that criticism of her is “racism,” Kid Rock and Dana White of UFC calling for an end to the Bud Light boycott, why it’s important for conservatives to stick with it, the lack of apology and accountability from Bud Light, and more.