Ep. 685 Hunter Biden Plays the Victim and the Left Shifts Blame on Israel, with Rabbi Steve Leder and More

Megyn is joined by Margot Cleveland, lawyer for the New Civil Liberties Alliance, and Peter Schweizer, host of The Drill Down, to discuss Hunter Biden playing the victim and speaking to the press instead of testifying before Congress, the contempt proceedings that will now take place against him, the relevance of Hunter’s lobbying operations, what we know about President Joe Biden’s involvement, the reasons we already know President Biden has committed bribery, the evidence of corruption that has been revealed so far, the shifting narrative about President Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business, Hunter going on Moby’s podcast and saying Republicans in the House are trying to “kill” him to hurt his dad , what’s behind Special Counsel Jack Smith’s aggressive timeline on former President Donald Trump’s January 6 trial, how the Supreme Court is getting involved, the major lawsuit filed against the Biden administration by The Daily Wire and The Federalist, and more. 

Then, Rabbi Steve Leder of Wilshire Boulevard Temple joins to discuss his disappointment in people’s inability to disambiguate Hamas’ atrocities and the more nuanced situation in Gaza, the clear antisemitism from some on the left, the depth of Jew hatred and hypocrisy of some of his former allies, how anti-Israel Americans flip the script and blame victims, who really are the perpetrators in Gaza and the Middle East, the true meaning of Hanukkah (and what Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff got wrong), a powerful message to American Jews and supporters of Jewish people this tough year, and more.