Ep. 684 Woke Hypocrisy and How the GOP Can Win in 2024, with Andrew Klavan and Carl Higbie

Megyn begins the show by discussing Harvard President Claudine Gay, the calls for her to resign after evidence of plagiarism, her focus on diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and race, her lack of defense for Jewish students, the antisemitism on campus, the hypocritical woke nonsense at top universities, and more.

Then, The Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan, author of The House of Love and Death, joins to discuss the hypocrisy of those defending Gay on free speech now, all the past cancelations at Harvard when it comes to certain speech, the current state of free speech on college campuses, SNL’s unfunny sketch about the antisemitism controversies on college campuses, their focus on mocking Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) rather than the college presidents, the reason Hollywood leans left and the need for the right to build more in the entertainment arena, the backlash from the left and media to The Daily Wire’s new film Lady Ballers, the widespread disease of a cultural hatred of women, the 50-year-old man swimming against teen girls in Canada, and more.

Finally, Newsmax host Carl Higbie joins to discuss how he and others in his ‘blue’ Connecticut city helped to turn the town ‘red,’ the specific methods that can be duplicated throughout the country, focusing on local issues and the economy over social issues, encouraging habits like early voting, using the Democrats’ playbook of low-brow campaigning against them, if Donald Trump should be encouraging more early voting, other methods to employ in 2024, if the Republican National Committee (RNC) needs a shake-up after losing so many election cycles in a row, and more.