Ep. 683 Tucker Carlson on His Exit From Fox, What He’s Building Now, and America’s Free Speech Reckoning

Megyn is joined by Tucker Carlson, founder of the Tucker Carlson Network, to talk about what was really behind his exit from Fox News, the way he was treated behind-the-scenes, what happened in the media after he left, the decline of corporate legacy media, continuing to work and speak the truth, the subscription network he’s launching now, the future of the media, X as a free speech platform, whether Carlson would consider being Donald Trump’s running mate, what he thinks of Trump personally and politically, the way politicians change their personalities, the potential for violence if Trump is convicted ahead of the November 2024 election, political consequences being felt now in cities, Harvard and other top colleges going through a reckoning related to free speech, how universities have prioritized money over merit, the truth about Carlson’s position on Israel, whether Republicans in Congress will really withhold funding to Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s next move, American interests in Ukraine and elsewhere internationally, the true reality of the border crisis, Carlson’s relationship at home with his wife, and more.