Ep. 675 Biden Takes Credit for Hostage Deal, with Victor Davis Hanson, Marcia Clark, and Mark Geragos

Megyn is joined by Victor Davis Hanson, author of The Dying Citizen, to discuss President Joe Biden taking credit for the release of Israeli hostages by Hamas, how the Biden administration is trying to argue it can reason with Hamas terrorists, the media’s ridiculous spin about the criminal Palestinians being released in the hostage exchange, the left’s nonstop focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion as demographics change the West, how universities are driving anti-Israel sentiment in America, a new push by the Biden administration to make sure border patrol agents use proper pronouns when encountering illegal immigrants crossing the border, a scary situation at a New York City high school with a pro-Israel teacher, American CEOs giving China President Xi Jinping a standing ovation in San Francisco, and more. 

Then, former prosecutor Marcia Clark and defense attorney Mark Geragos join for a Kelly’s Court to discuss whether Elon Musk has a legitimate chance of winning his lawsuit against Media Matters over claims about X advertisements and antisemitic content, the significance of where the lawsuit was filed, bombshell lawsuits against NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Harvey Weinstein, and more as the New York law waiving the statue of limitations on sexual assault ends, whether it’s fair to those accused, a hockey player charged with manslaughter over a throat slashing death on the ice, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin being stabbed in prison, and more.