Ep. 671 Americans Praise bin Laden and Vivek Takes on CNN, with Bethany Mandel, Karol Markowicz, More

Megyn is joined by Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz, authors of Stolen Youth, to discuss how TikTok influencers have made Osama bin Laden’s decades old ‘Letter to America’ after 9/11 go viral, how we’ve lost the youth of America, the harms of social media,  the media’s dishonesty about Israel, the different conspiracy theories and false narratives the media continues to report, Al Jazeera’s propaganda, Vivek Ramaswamy’s CNN interview with Abby Phillip, and more.

Then, community activist Carrie Prejean Boller joins to discuss two trans women competing in 2023 Miss Universe Pageant, Kim Kardashian being named one of GQ’s 2023 ‘Men of the Year,’ Kardashian’s obsession with looks, Megan Rapinoe’s comment about God after her career-ending injury, the importance of protecting women’s rights, Vogue’s glitzy spread of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, and more.