Ep. 670 False George Floyd Narratives Exposed in New Film, with Liz Collin, JC Chaix, and Heather Mac Donald

Megyn is joined by Liz Collin and JC Chaix, producer and director of The Fall of Minneapolis, to discuss their new documentary about the death of George Floyd and how it will completely change the way you think about the case, the mainstream media’s false narratives about the situation, the truth about Floyd’s erratic behavior the day he died, what new police body cam footage shows about Floyd that changes the narrative completely, the deterioration of Minneapolis after Floyd’s death, the mob being allowed to destroy a police precinct in Minneapolis and the rest of the city, the “void of leadership” from Mayor Jacob Frey and other leaders, why former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin didn’t got a fair trial, the failures of the emergency medical services that haven’t gotten attention, how fentanyl factored into Floyd’s behavior, how Chauvin is doing in prison, and more.

Then, Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald joins to discuss how America was forever changed after Floyd’s death, the dangers police officers are facing across the country, how the false narratives in the Floyd case changed policing and increased crime, her recent fiery showdown about race and privilege with students at Berkeley College, and more.