Ep. 668 Disgusting Pro-Hamas Displays and COVID Vaccine Consequences, with Konstantin Kisin and More

Megyn begins the show by discussing some of the most disgusting antisemitic and pro-Hamas displays around the world over the weekend, the disturbing chants at New York’s latest anti-Israel protest, dangerous protests in the United Kingdom, some positive developments with pro-Israel demonstrations in Paris, and more.

Then, Megyn is joined by Konstantin Kisin, co-host of TRIGGERnometry, to discuss why lies about immigration in the United States and the U.K. have led today’s anti-Israel protests, the scary concept of decolonization pro-Palestinian groups say they want, why dangerous Islamist and ‘woke’ ideology has invaded college campuses and schools, disturbing Hitler references from anti-Israel protesters, how the real ‘far right’ brainwashed into racist ideology are those supporting Hamas and displaying antisemitism, why multiculturalism is not multi-ethnicity, how ‘smart’ people can become the most radical, why he now supports an end to the Ukraine war, what a peace deal could look like, and more.

Then, Teryn Gregson and Ernest Ramirez, director and co-star of the Shot Dead documentary, join to discuss the tragic deaths of children and babies after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, doctors seeing the effects of the vaccine on patients, government pushing vaccine mandates without highlighting the potential harms of it, Ramirez’s tragic story of how his previously healthy 16-year-old son died five days after getting the first COVID-19 shot, the ties between myocarditis and COVID-19, the plight of families affected by potential vaccine-related deaths, how the COVID-19 vaccine could affect pregnant women and babies, and more.