Ep. 664 Jewish Man Killed in CA and Election Cay 2023, with John Podhoretz, Christine Rosen, Andy Ngo, More

Megyn is joined by John Podhoretz and Christine Rosen, co-hosts of The Commentary Magazine Podcast, to talk about the rise in antisemitic violence in the United States and worldwide, including the Jewish man killed in California, the way Jews have been prepared for what we’ve seen since the terror attack, differences between pro-Israel and anti-Israel protests, the mentality of those who rip down hostage posters, and more.

Then, Andy Ngo, senior editor at The Post Millennial, joins to discuss the anti-Israel violence he witnessed in the United Kingdom, the connection the anti-Israel protests and riots has with BLM and Antifa in previous years, what we’ve learned from the ‘trans’ Nashville shooter’s manifesto that has been made public by Steven Crowder, the efforts to censor and suppress it, and more.

Finally, Chris Stirewalt of The Dispatch joins to talk about the key states to watch tonight on Election Day, including Virginia and with Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s potential rise in power, the governor’s races in Mississippi and Kentucky, the mayoral race in Bridgeport, CT, and more.