Ep. 663 Disaster Polls for Biden and Smart Investing Tips, with Sen. Ted Cruz and Jordan Belfort

Megyn is joined by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), author of Unwoke, to discuss President Joe Biden’s poll numbers tanking compared to former President DonaldTrump ahead of the 2024 election, the deep dissatisfaction with Biden’s current policies, Democrats losing support in key swing states, whether the Democratic Party leaders may try to swap Biden for former First Lady Michelle Obama next year, shocking demographic shifts that show Trump gaining support among Hispanic and Black Americans, what Trump’s indictments and trials may do to his poll numbers, the “woke” infection in colleges across the U.S., the chilling anti-Israel riot in Washington D.C. over the weekend, how Trump “broke” the corporate media, why the American media has became Hamas propagandists since the terror group attacked Israel, former President Barack Obama’s recent comments about Israel’s “occupation” of Gaza, how the Obama administration empowered Iran and Hamas, terror threat warnings at the border, and more.

Then, Jordan Belfort, author of The Wolf of Investing, joins to discuss how everyday Americans can invest like finance experts, the importance of not gambling when investing, why you should ignore advice from Jim Cramer and others on CNBC, how to overcome the terrible economy under the Biden presidency through the right investing decisions, the pros and cons of Trump, using psychedelics to overcome addiction, and more.

Finally, Megyn remembers Roland Griffiths, PhD, who passed away last month after sharing his psychedelic research and cancer diagnosis on The Megyn Kelly Show in January.