Ep. 659 Woke Frauds Exposed and Matthew Perry and the Drug of Fame, with Andrew Klavan

Megyn begins the show by describing how the “woke” fraud is now being exposed after the terror attack in Israel, the anti-Jewish sentiment in plain sight on college campuses, the women and girls we see ripping down Israeli hostage posters, and more.

Then, Andrew Klavan, author of The House of Love and Death, joins to discuss why it’s been a bad month for the “woke warriors,” why race essentialism is so toxic to our culture, the anti-Jewish sentiment happening at top universities in the United States, the Yale student newspaper refusing to acknowledge the beheadings and rapes that happened in Israel, our culture making it costly to speak the truth, the sad and untimely death of Friends star Matthew Perry, his legacy and addiction battle, the drug of fame, attacks by the media on new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson over his Christian faith, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s terrible MSNBC show, faith and constraint versus materialism, lies about mental health related to mass shooting, a trans activist embarrassing waiters for calling him “sir,” how LGBTQ+ activists hurt their own communities, and more.

Finally, Megyn closes the show with a Halloween horror story featuring her dog Strudwick.