Ep. 658 Hamas Propaganda and COVID Vaccine Lawsuits, with Michael Oren, Arthur Aidala, Jonna Spilbor

Megyn begins the show by discussing the antisemitism being displayed at Cornell University and around the globe, the frightening anti-Israel protest in Brooklyn, the increasing targeting of Jews worldwide, the true horrors of Hamas’ atrocities, and more. 

Then, former Israel Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren joins to discuss the true threats Hamas and anti-Jewish groups pose to Israel, how a “ceasefire” would mean the end of Israel, the existential fight Israel is in right now, how Hamas uses the American and Western media to supplement its military war on Israel, the distortion and fabrication coming from The New York Times and BBC, anti-Israel reporters next focusing on Israel’s supposed “war crimes,” advice to Jewish students at Cornell, the great “Paulie” from Queens who cursed out a guy ripping down hostage posters, and more.

Finally, Jonna Spilbor, founding attorney of Jonna Spilbor Law, and Arthur Aidala, host of The Arthur Aidala Power Hour, join to discuss the new evidence coming out about George Floyd’s autopsy, how it might affect former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction, how the new information conflicts with the public narrative in the case, if the U.S. Supreme Court would take this case, two new lawsuits testing whether COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers can be sued over potential deaths related to the shots, what Big Pharma and the government is actually immune from legally, whether people were “forced” to get the COVID-19 vaccine and how that relates to the lawsuits, news that there will be cameras in the courtroom for the trial of Idaho college murders suspect Bryan Kohberger, and more.