Ep. 657 Video Proof Bowman Lied About Fire Alarm and Rational Gender Care, with Jesse Kelly and More

Megyn is joined by Jesse Kelly, host of TheFirst TV’s I’m Right, to talk about the increasingly prevalent anti-Jewish displays from college students across the country, whether they even understand what they’re saying, how BLM and pro-Hamas sentiment is aligned now, why parents should pay attention to the ways they raise their children so they don’t become easily indoctrinated, how raising children to be “commie foot soldiers” will lead to the anti-Jewish nonsense we see today, the new video showing Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) pulling a fire alarm on Capitol Hill to get out of a critical vote, the lies he told the media, whether this will affect his future re-election chances, and more.

Then, psychotherapists Stella O’Malley and Joe Burgo of Genspect join to discuss medical professionals finally speaking out on alternatives to ‘affirm only’ gender care, mental distress being weaponized, sexual awakenings and why puberty blockers can be so harmful, the real alternatives that should be available for children with gender dysphoria, pushing back on radical gender ideology using “non-medicalized” care, sexual vulnerability and autism, the new gay ‘conversion therapy’ of radical gender ideology, the need for women to stand up and push back, the danger of playing the pronouns game, legal cases brought by de-transitioners, and more.