Ep. 655 Free Speech for Jew Haters and Britney’s New Memoir, with Gad Saad, Evita Duffy-Alfonso, Will Witt

Megyn begins the show by discussing Christiane Amanpour’s outrageous CNN interview with Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan that exposes extreme anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiments, the royal’s failure to acknowledge the murders of Jews in Israel by Hamas, and more.

Then, Gad Saad, host of The Saad Truth, joins to discuss the lack of moral clarity by those attacking Israel but apologizing for Hamas’ horrific actions, Jew hatred on public display in the West, posters of Israeli hostages continuously being torn down at universities, a Jewish student in Boston explaining why she was doing it, polling about Europeans shockingly supporting Hamas in the conflict, the Northwestern University professor who claims Hamas never committed certain atrocities against Israel, why colleges all of a sudden care about free speech, fearing for the future of the West after the hatred over Israel and Hamas, Megan Rapinoe supporting Palestinians but not Jews, the connection between being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish, Hamas terrorists bragging about killing Jews during interrogations, why Saad the “happy warrior” is feeling negative about the future, the state of Canadian politics, and more.

Finally, The Federalist contributor Evita Duffy-Alfonso and Will Witt, author of Do Not Comply, join to discuss Gov. Ron DeSantis disbanding pro-Hamas college groups, if this is an overreach on DeSantis’ part, the state of the 2024 Republican primary, former President Donald Trump’s verbal stumbles, if it will affect his gigantic lead in the GOP primary race, President Joe Biden’s mental decline, whether or not it’s the biggest issue in the U.S. today, radical gender ideology leading to doctors trying to rename men’s and women’s body parts as ‘chesticles’ and ‘dicklets,’ Britney Spears’ new memoir that describes her disturbing childhood stories, why the next generation should read it and learn from it, the harms of chasing after fame, and more.