Ep. 654 One Umbrella of Leftist Social Justice Talking Points, with Michael Knowles and Alan Dershowitz

Megyn begins the show by talking about the antisemitic attacks in schools and cities throughout the Untied Stated, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre trying to change the subject and talk about Islamophobia instead of antisemitism, calls for ‘one solution’ and ‘intifada’ against Israel in New York City, and more.

Then, The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles joins to discuss the goal of anti-Israel protesters in America, what each side wants in the Israel-Hamas war, a newfound commitment to free speech from the White House and the left, whether the campus snowflakes are actually winning, the anti-America and anti-Israel professors who are shaping the next generation, climate activist Greta Thunberg’s anti-Israel messaging, connecting reproductive justice to the Israel war, the attempts by the left to wrap every social justice issue under one umbrella, the threat of terrorism due to the U.S. southern border, ‘The Squad’ continuing its anti-Israel talking points, former President Donald Trump’s latest comments drawing fire, and more. 

Finally, Alan Dershowitz, author of the forthcoming book War Against The Jews, joins to discuss leftists lecturing America about foreign policy, the fallacy of the ‘occupation’ talking point, why those who claim to support Palestinians are only supporting Hamas, Mehdi Hasan equating Israel with Russia, Hamas’ ‘CNN strategy,’ the state of the plea deals in Trump World, and more.