Ep. 652 Biden Ties Israel to Ukraine and Campuses ‘Crying Bully,’ with Dave Marcus and Noah Pollak

Megyn is joined by Daily Mail columnist Dave Marcus and Washington Free Beacon contributor Noah Pollak to talk about President Joe Biden’s Oval Office address on the Israel-Hamas war, why he appears to be downplaying the American hostages in Israel, the connection Biden made between Israel and Ukraine, the Iran foreign policy mistakes of the Obama administration, the diversity, equity, and inclusion “wake-up call” within universities and high schools, woke liberals drifting toward antisemitism without thinking it through, the reality of antisemitism and Islamophobia in America, Megyn’s memorable interview with Ward Churchill about his hatred of America after 9/11, how the drift on campuses has grown over the decades, how “crying bully” is happening on campuses among professors and students, whether these Ivy League schools really care about free speech, The Washington Post and more media outlets embarrassing themselves while covering Israel and Gaza, how the lies in the media about the Gaza hospital could ruin lives in America and abroad, Western outlets taking Hamas propaganda as fact, and more.