Ep. 645 America’s Vulnerabilities, Antisemitism, and the Trauma of War, with Glenn Beck, Dr. Drew, Eli Lake

Megyn is joined by Glenn Beck, host of BlazeTV’s The Glenn Beck Program, to talk about how the U.S. is unprepared for a global war, Black Lives Matter and other progressive groups displaying blatant antisemitism, the “death cult” we’re seeing following the terrorist attacks in Israel, President Joe Biden’s speech about U.S. support for Israel, whether his speech will make an impact in the region, America disarming its people, and more. Then, Eli Lake, host of The Re-Education with Eli Lake, joins to discuss American leftists displaying antisemitism and being “traitors” to the Palestinian cause, The New York Times refusing to call Hamas a terrorist organization, the courage needed to confront hate, and more. Finally, Dr. Drew, host of The Dr. Drew Podcast, joins to discuss the trauma of war, how traumatic even just covering the news and consuming videos and pictures of the horrors of war can be, whether children should be tuning in, how humans become desensitized to horrific images and news, the drug Hamas terrorists may have taken before attacking Israel, The New York Times and other media outlets continuing to spread COVID misinformation, the truth about myocarditis and other vaccine injuries, the lies about ivermectin and other treatments, information being suppressed about how the vaccine affects young people, the rise of the “want to puke” party in America, why young people aren’t happy anymore, and more.