Ep. 640 How Dems Could Ditch Biden and U.K. Criminalizing Speech, with Chris Stirewalt and Calvin Robinson

Megyn is joined by Chris Stirewalt, contributing editor at The Dispatch, to discuss the House voting out the Speaker for the first time in American history, why Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) “hates” former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who might be the next speaker, how long the Democrats have to swap out President Joe Biden as the 2024 presidential nominee, the difference between Biden dropping out in March 2024 and August 2024, what may could lead to a contested Democratic National Convention, a little known way just a couple hundred Democratic National Committee members can get rid of Biden after he wins the nomination and select his replacement without consulting anyone else, who might be the Democratic nominee in that scenario, what happens if Biden wins re-election in November 2024 but is pushed out before Inauguration Day, former President Donald Trump’s true chances of winning the 2024 GOP nomination, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s path if he enters the race, if the Republican Party might try to swap out Trump as nominee if he goes to prison, how Republican voters could react to that development, and more. Then, former GB News commentator Fr. Calvin Robinson joins to discuss getting fired by the network for his “loyalty” to Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton in the wake of their controversial conversation, the cancel culture happening in the U.K. today, Fox getting arrested in London today for the “pre-crime” of discussing “Blade Runners” and new surveillance mechanisms in the country, the state of freedom of speech in England, and more.