Ep. 639 Garland’s Tears, Trump Back in Court, and the War on Men, with Dave Rubin and Owen Strachan

Megyn is joined by Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, to discuss former President Donald Trump in court in New York City today for a civil fraud case, how controversies and indictments have positively affected his campaign, the ridiculous antics of New York State Attorney General Letitia James and the judge in the case, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s embarrassing 60 Minutes interview, the collapse of corporate media, the media’s reservations in addressing what they screwed up about the Hunter Biden laptop story, Garland’s ridiculous hypocrisy when it comes to threats to democracy, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, Trump’s ongoing and growing lead in the polls, Trump’s funny impression of President Joe Biden impression, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) pulling the fire alarm during a key House vote over the weekend, his ridiculous excuse, the media double standard on stories like this, and more. Then, Owen Strachan, author of The War on Men, joins to discuss the biggest problems with the way our culture treats men and boys, society’s current desire for men to fail, the major issue of men leaving the workforce, God’s design for men, the impact of the Me Too movement on society’s hate for men, young boys’ exposure to porn as a stand-in for womanhood, the deterioration of empathy and understanding among men in romantic relationships, teaching boys to be men, and more.