Ep. 638 Trump’s Persuasiveness and Dems Downplaying Biden Corruption, with Scott Adams and Margot Cleveland

Megyn is joined by Scott Adams, author of Reframe Your Brain, to discuss the specific ways Donald Trump is a master of persuasion, the way Adams realized that after watching Trump’s “Rosie O’Donnell” debate answer to Megyn in August 2015, how “building the wall” and the “perfect phone call” are evidence of Trump’s persuasive abilities, contextualizing the controversial comments he made about race in February that led to his cancelation, the need to focus on individuality over racial “averages,” tips for teaching life skills to your children, how to reframe the way you think about your own attractiveness, the value of learning to be a great public speaker, the way hypnosis actually teaches you real-world skills, how he came up with the idea for his “Dilbert” comic strip, and more. Plus, The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland joins to discuss exactly what we learned from the first hearing of the Biden impeachment inquiry, the key points the corporate media isn’t talking about, the ways Democrats are trying to downplay the evidence of President Joe Biden’s corruption, what we’ll know if the media and left actually report the truth, and more.