Ep. 635 Rapinoe’s Final Middle Finger and Failures of Progressivism, with Carrie Prejean and Jason Rantz

Megyn is joined by community activist Carrie Prejean Boller to discuss the disturbing details of a male sexual offender serving time in a women’s prison, the rise of male sex offenders “transitioning” right before going to jail, the BDSM street fair in San Francisco street fair being promoted by California State Senator Scott Wiener, Wiener’s history of pushing extreme trans ideology on children, another trans student named homecoming queen, Megan Rapinoe’s last ‘middle finger’ to America as she stays silent during the National Anthem in her final match as a member of the U.S. Women’s National Team, why she sets a terrible example for young girls, the introduction of a non-binary character in a Paw Patrol spin-off show, the winner of Miss Zimbabwe who looks like Megyn, and more. Then, Jason Rantz, author of What’s Killing America, joins to discuss the juvenile crime surge in U.S., progressives claiming racism and dismissing the rise in crime by teens, the failures of restorative justice, what ‘harm reduction’ really is, its failure to address the drug crisis, how ‘housing first’ policies don’t fix the homeless crisis, the surge in overdoses from fentanyl and other drugs, whether we’re hurting kids by not charging them for their actions, living in Seattle as it has decayed, and more.