Ep. 633 Dan Bongino on Threats to Donald Trump’s Safety, Joe Biden’s Poor Parenting, and the Gift of Failure

Megyn is joined by Dan Bongino, author of The Gift of Failure, to talk about the specific ways former President Donald Trump’s life is in danger, whether he’s being protected enough, an emotional call he got from Trump before he went into surgery, the value of loyalty, what it means to be “transactional” in politics and why that’s a positive thing, why the Biden administration won’t give Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Secret Service protection, the sorry state of journalism, what killed the media industry, the freedom that comes with being part of the independent media, the decline of the corporate press, Rupert Murdoch stepping down at News Corp, if Elon Musk could buy Fox News, Dave Portnoy exposing a terrible Washington Post reporter, President Joe Biden’s failures as a dad, how to deal with an addict in your family, the press spinning on behalf of the Biden family, the ways failure helped Bongino succeed in life, challenges he had to overcome, and more.