Ep. 632 Dems Politicizing Institutions and Cameras in Kohberger Courtroom, with Mark Levin, Marcia Clark, and Mark Geragos

Megyn is joined by Mark Levin, author of The Democrat Party Hates America, to discuss former President Donald Trump’s prosecutions, the hypocrisy in how they are being handled, the deterioration of faith in our institutions, President Joe Biden politicizing the Justice Department, the details of each of the four Trump indictments, the breaking news of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border each day, what’s behind the Democrats’ long game on immigration, why Biden should be impeached, the history of the Democratic party in America, the racism and anti-Semitism in the Democratic party’s past, and more. Then, lawyers Marcia Clark and Mark Geragos join for an all-star Kelly’s Court panel on the horrific random killing of a former police chief riding his bicycle in Nevada, the racial angle for why it’s not getting more media coverage, the new revelations and accusations in the Russell Brand sexual assault case, police in Great Britain opening a criminal investigation against Brand, if the timing of this case 20 years later makes it hard to defend, the U.K. government weighing in on the accusations, whether Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger actually followed some of the victims on Instagram, the debate over whether cameras should be allowed in the courtroom, the latest on the potential for Alex Murdaugh to get a new trial, and more.